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Putnam Physical Therapy proudly serving Putnam County, Cookeville, and The Upper Cumberland Region since 1985 |

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We are a private, therapist-owned outpatient orthopedic practice that has been serving Cookeville and the Upper Cumberland area since 1985.

Putnam Physical Therapy

Results: We get people better.

The number one priority of our practice is to eliminate your pain and get you back to doing the activities you love. The people and physicians in our community have come to trust Putnam Physical Therapy to deliver exceptional results. Ask your friends and health care provider about us. We believe our best advertising is the recommendation of past clients.

Team Approach

We have multiple clinicians working to provide a wide spectrum of experience and expertise. By being able to consult one another on complex patients our team is able to deliver an extremely high recovery rate for our patients.

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Our Clients Say...

  • My name is Jack Rice. I was involved in a pretty serious motorcycle accident. As a result, I suffered a tibial plateau fracture that required surgery. I didn’t think that I would be able to walk normal again but the professionals at Putnam Physical Therapy knew the right things to do to make that happen. I walk normal and my leg feels really good thanks to them. I would recommend them to anybody.

    - Jack Rice

  • I went to Putnam Physical Therapy due to low back and leg pain. The knowledgeable staff instructed me on life-long lessons on how to move properly, gave me exercises to improve my strength and balance, and developed a treatment plan to eliminate my back and leg pain. As a result, I have my life back.

    - Robert J. Kupiec

  • I came to Putnam Physical Therapy after my second shoulder surgery. I wasn’t able to lift anything much over 15 lbs. As a musician, I wasn’t able to play/practice any instrument for longer than 15-30 minutes at a time without pain. Through stretching, and exercise I can now play for up 1.5 to 2 hours with no pain. My range of motion and strength are also back to normal.

    - Rebecca Sewell