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Headaches / TMJ

Headaches present a unique challenge to both patients and health care providers. However, when diagnosed correctly, headaches can often be resolved in only a few treatments.

  • Physical therapy can help headaches that begin with problems in the neck. Our patients suffering with headaches as a result of neck problems frequently experience dramatic and immediate relief with techniques targeting the upper neck region.
  • Headaches have a wide variety of causes and sources that can make it difficult to establish the correct diagnosis. Headaches may be migraine, tension-type, or cervicogenic to name a few.
  • Cervicogenice Headaches:

    • Cervicogenic headaches are caused by problems with the joints or muscles of your neck. Medical research is finding that most patients do not suffer from one type of headache exclusively; instead people tend to have a combination of headache sources existing at the same time.

    Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ):

    • The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is a common source of pain frequently treated by physical therapy. Patients with TMJ dysfunction often experience pain in the neck, face, head, and ear as a result. These symptoms can be quite severe and may significantly reduce quality of life.
    • As is the case with headaches, we are often able to drastically reduce symptoms of TMJ in only a few treatment sessions.
  • Putnam Physical Therapy
  • Putnam Physical Therapy
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